Increase awareness and knowledge about diversity-multiculturalism and find ways to successfully network in the 21st century

Increase the sense of self-worth and self-image of project participants

Improve the perspective towards self-care and taking responsibility for their choices

Help participants develop and define their short-term and long-term goals 

Provide them with positive support and encouragement 

Help them become well informed and motivated adults with leadership skills

Create a loving and supportive environment for the workshops/sessions to be presented.

Parental involvement is also a beneficial goal. We will try to get parents/families involved in a way that the motivation levels are enhanced. 

The workshops will include - presentations/activities/interactions/assignments.

Our Mentorship Goals

Programs - A Brief Overview

Programs in Rural Communities:  Serene Light has been sponsoring programs in Rural Education and Health Promotion Programs especially in Macon and Bullock Counties, Alabama. 

Health Education and Promotion: There is a vital need in many rural areas, to promote Healthy lifestyles that include: Disease Prevention, seeking early medical assistance and regular health screenings. Support groups are held which address many important life issues. Lives are enriched on many levels by providing important information to individuals, families and especially children living in small underrepresented areas who may or may not be able to access the many needed educational resources and technologies required to successfully meet healthcare needs and today’s challenges in a rapidly changing world.  

Support for Caregivers: This Project is designed to 'support and encourage' caregivers who unselfishly care for family members who are either terminally ill or suffer from incurable illnesses. We assist by providing small monetary gifts and pay for services to relieve the caregivers for a few hours, help with minor chores and help make it a little easier.

Sponsorship of Tuskegee University Students: Community leadership Programs.

This assistance and sponsorship are extended to College/University students, who show extraordinary volunteer spirit, design their own projects in community efforts and motivate their peers to serve in their communities.

The Serene Light Community Scholarship is awarded annually to two student who also serves as a young community leader and organizer at Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, Alabama.


We believe that Educating and Empowering Youth who are the future of our communities with self-awareness, and knowledge about diversity and global networking are vital components to thriving and productive communities. Mentoring is recognized as one of the most important strategies for assisting youth in making a positive transition into adulthood and transforming communities. All effective youth programs have youth development at their core. Effective youth leadership programs build on solid youth development principles, with an emphasis on those areas of development and program components that support youth leadership.