Improving Womans Lives through Serene Light

    This is Serene Light Inc. The founder is Dr. June Samuel, a doctor from India who lives in Tuskegee, a small and historic city with strong roots of the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama, USA.

    Serene Light’s mission is to serve as a Model Organization and make a positive impact in the lives of women – be it in their local community or in the online support group. One of the initiatives that has connected women from everywhere, is its e-zine and an online (closed) support group.

    Members share their achievements or even pain; it could be an inspiring story or a shocking truth. Whatever the post, other members have only good wishes, support, advice and wisdom to share. A virtual support group of this nature enables space and respect given by its members to each other. They are sensitive to the need for privacy and thus the information shared is never made public.

    In my 11 plus years of association with the group, I have not seen any judgments or criticisms. Discussions here are apolitical, non-religious, non-racist, and non- controversial. The group members have the maturity to laugh over jokes, share creative ideas, empathize with those in rough waters or appreciate good work done by others. In short keep the spirit of the group serene, which automatically trickles down to raise the spirit of individual members. And who doesn’t love serenity and happiness?

    Beyond the online group, Serene Light Inc. is a functioning Non-Profit Organization with volunteers who work with programs organized to mainly educate and mentor young women and girls, assist new immigrants, and support caregivers. They have also added new programs to provide assistance to the homeless and people with disabilities. Given below is a quick look into some its projects:

    NEW FRIENDS – Assistance for immigrant women in USA, who may need some support group and mentorship/information to settle in a new place, far away from their families.

    TAKING CARE – Programmes in rural areas such as disease prevention, seeking early medical assistance and regular health screenings.

    SPECIAL GIVERS – this project is designed to support and encourage care givers, mostly the family members who care for terminally ill patients. Volunteers relieve them for a few hours and assist in completing some chores.

    SPECIAL SCHOLARSHIPS such as the Serene Light Community Scholarship. This is an annual scholarship, awarded to a student who also serves as a young community leader and organizer at Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, Alabama.

    In my humble opinion, a support group dedicated to women is a wonderful initiative as happy women make happy families. Education and empowerment are the two main drivers that spread happiness among communities. Especially women and Serene Light has managed to address these issues in Tuskegee.

    …..and I choose to be happy

    And I choose to feel great

    And I choose not to let things make me irate!

    (From “Choose to be happy”, by Marlene Rose)

    The Serene Light Mentorship Program being conducted to inspire young women in Tuskegee to view higher education as an achievable goal and make informed career choices.


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